Student Club Group, Program, Joint Management Program, Media Arts and Media Technology The aim is to apply the skills, abilities and aptitudes of study in the curriculum. To benefit society By the student club of the joint project Has carried out an opinion meeting And mutually agreed Create a media volunteer project 1st time at Darul Ibadah Community Enterprise Kampong Nai Dong Prue, No. 54, Soi Phutthabucha 36, ​​Thung Khru District, Bangkok, on December 14, 2019, with 37 students attending.

“Kampong Nai Dong Prue” is the name of the agricultural tourism community. The meaning of this name comes from the word “Kapong”, which the Islamic people of the four southern provinces refer to the village or community, while the word “Dong Prue” comes from the surrounding environment of Thung Khru, which is a garden. In some places there are many prue or hermit trees. Therefore named the agricultural tourism activities in this community area That the people of Darun Ibadah community together to build This allows us to conduct a field survey and question the needs of the community. Therefore, the development of the community environment was chosen in order to encourage the community to have more tourists to visit. With activities such as Kala painting activities The community has a number of shells that have not been painted. In which we will nakala to paint To be used to decorate along the canal walkway, painting activities over old advertising panels collected by the community To promote agricultural tourism, such as food, agriculture, Otop products, campaign for not littering into canals

The student club group of the joint project There is an expectation that Such activities will cultivate students of the Joint Administration Program (Media) who are participating in the project. They are both good and good students. Set a good example for the next generation of students. Kindness, kindness, help others and society without expecting compensation. Develop student potential in service Protect the environment Show her being the King of King Mongkut’s University of Technology Thonburi