The Faculty of Engineering Student Club organized the “Volunteer Engineering Project No. 15 for the Academic Year 2019” held at Ban Nong Taram School, Nong Pho Sub-district, Takhli District, Nakhon Sawan Province on December 15-19, 2019 with students from the Faculty of Engineering and foreign students. 79 participants

Student activities held That help develop various parts of the school, including

1. Sports ground repair activities Because the school will have a district sports In which Ban Nong Ta Ram School hosted this sport We therefore renovate the Takraw and Volleyball courts. In order to give the school a better vision Using house roof paint to paint the ground parallel, 18 meters long, 9 meters wide

2. Drawing and painting walls activity The school building was renovated by drawing on the wall, plus writing Thai and English words for children to get to know and make the school building beautiful and new. The entire wall of this school building has 9 walls, divided into 2 panels per one. All large figures have a total of 4 large panels. The second great wall is wild animal and english vocabulary The third large wall of stars and English And lastly, the fourth large wall depicts various cartoon characters playing sports and the English language of that sport. The total parallel of the drawn wall is approximately 30 meters long.

3. BBL building activities in order to allow students to run and play and wait for their parents here. This area is close to the teacher’s room, making it easier for teachers to see and take care of. Which the school received a lot of wheel races Causing the team to bring 40 rubber wheels to make various cartoon characters

4 agricultural plot building activities Has created an agricultural plot for growing local crops Let the school be able to plant and use it to cook food for the children to eat and the school can safely take students to study agriculture. It will create a large parallel structure, 2.5 meters high, 13 meters long, 4 meters wide and a small parallel structure. 1.5 meters high, 7 meters long and 2 meters wide.


Causing stability to the school and community By nurturing a community school, which is another center of the community Where people in the community come to do frequent activities such as playing sports, sitting together, meeting, etc. Working skills are also basic knowledge in the use of basic mechanical equipment The equipment can be used properly and safely. It also has developed social skills. Meet friends from different branches and do activities together In addition to helping the community, it also has relationships with friends from different disciplines in the Faculty of Engineering. The organization of volunteer camp activities aims to cultivate students to have good awareness. In helping society Know how to sacrifice yourself for the common good. They plan to work with others so that students can apply them in daily life. It also creates greater love and unity for both the working group and the participants. It is also in line with the university’s KMUTT 3.0. It focuses on producing good graduates and is also a “social change leader” or “Social Change Agent”, meaning the creator of new ideas. To be true In the past, the Faculty of Engineering has implemented the KMUTT 3.0 guidelines continuously. By aiming to produce graduates who are talented and good in accordance with the desirable characteristics of the graduates