The Department of Mathematics has a guideline for conducting various forms of volunteerism or learning activities that benefit society and contribute to society. It sees that students have the knowledge and abilities that can be applied to create awareness in helping society or the disadvantaged in various societies with the faculty and the student committee of the Department of Mathematics. Therefore, they jointly organized the 4th Mathematics Volunteer Project, with activities planned and equipment preparation from early November to mid December And there are actual activities during 15-21 December 2019 at Wat Klong Pho School, Dong-Drama Sub-district, Muang District, Nakhon Nayok Province. There were 50 students in year 1-4, 5 mathematics staff, 45 students and community people. The objective was to enable all students to apply their knowledge. The ability to be adapted to benefit society and also help foster a sense of social responsibility for students in Mathematics Department.

The various activities held include
1. Teaching mathematics to primary school students. By adjusting the foundation in mathematics courses In order to review knowledge Increase students’ understanding And to prepare for the ONET exam for Grade 6 students, further learning outside the classroom is also provided by using materials to help build comprehension. Apply knowledge to the activity base for children To participate in activities
2. BBL activity base for learning outside the classroom By increasing the area of ​​learning materials through playing by adding knowledge on the ground beside the school building
3. Improving planting fields This activity is to improve the soil surface. From unsuitable clay soils And into new soil to prepare for planting from the seeds of the kitchen garden that we have prepared So that the school has ingredients to cook for the children
4. Improving fish ponds It is a renovation of the old school fish pond that has not been in use for a while. By removing the rusted old steel grating Then wash and clean And repair leaks and cracks in the pond waiting for further use in the future
5. New field painting The school field has been used so often that the border of the field is not visible. And BBL learning materials by which we have cleaned up the old paint field and painted the new paint. These activities will help students gain knowledge. Have used their imagination in creating work Know how to work with others And when that activity is a social contribution activity, students will have experience working with others. And become more responsible for oneself and society.


The results of this activity In addition, students can help to develop the school to have a beautiful atmosphere. And helped develop various parts To be useful in the future Both the fish ponds, agricultural plots, sports fields and BBL fields allow students to learn while playing. Students also use the knowledge they are good at. In helping to enhance knowledge and understanding in mathematics courses This is useful in the teaching of students according to grade level. And also taught useful knowledge in taking the National Fundamentals Exam, which is a compulsory measure of knowledge in Thailand. In which the teaching Students are required to review their knowledge accurately and accurately and to practice the process of transferring those knowledge content. For students in the school to understand too Which is to practice communication skills as well