Internship details

King Mongkut’s University of Technology Thonburi Saw the importance of internships With the aim of providing an internship As an educational tool To give students the opportunity to practice and apply the knowledge gained in the classroom and Build familiarity with the operation As well as to promote students to have interpersonal skills, able to work Share with others as well Before graduating to study for further career, the university has included The student’s internship is part of the required subjects in the student’s course.

Goals / objectives
  • So that students understand the job description And professional work Learn about management and administration in the workplace. And can apply the knowledge learned in the classroom to the practice work.
  • In order to allow students to know how to adapt to the society in the workplace Including acting as a leader and appropriate person
  • For students to learn technology And various obstacles That occurred in establishments Including how to fix the problem
  • In order for students to learn their duties And characteristics Of personnel in the workplace, such as position-specific personality Responsibility Corporate culture And working together among personnel in the workplace
Achievements / Indicators
  • Students must intern for at least 40 working days (or not less than 320 hours) continuously or at least the length of time specified by the program.
  • Students must receive no less than 70 marks from the internship assessment form set by the university.
  • Students are required to write a weekly internship report. Have the supervisor sign the certification every week. And make a report to each advisor

The Student Affairs Office provides training for industrial students in 22 disciplines including

  1. Faculty of Engineering 13 disciplines
  2. Faculty of Science, 7 disciplines
  3. Faculty of Industrial Education and Technology, 1 branch of study
  4. Institute of Robotics Field, 1 field of study
Services for students

Service for issuing books for interns

  • Letter requesting assistance for student interns
  • Internship Letter
  • Internship certificate

Service for finding an internship location

  • List of companies that accept interns in each field of study
  • Announcement from companies wishing to receive interns Year of study