Practice for interns students

  1. Students must register for an industrial internship course. By the number of credits registered It must meet the courses that the student is currently studying.
  2. Students Registered for Industrial Internship Cannot enroll in another subject in the summer semester. Or semester of internship
  3. For the best interest of students Students Registered for Industrial Internship The internship must not be less than 40 working days (or not less than 320 hours) continuously or not less than the period specified by the program, whichever is greater. Excluding student leave And the working days and hours of the agency where the student interns are considered.
  4. Students are required to attend an internship orientation prior to their internship.
  5. Students must abide by the discipline and regulations of the organization where the student interns. As if the student was one of the personnel of that department
  6. Students must be polite, obedient, and not show offensive behavior towards their trainers. And employees who perform duties in the department
  7. Students must follow the teachings / advice. Of trainers and adults in the agency With painstaking Must be determined to learn and practice for the benefit of yourself
  8. Students must know to devote their time. In education, learn without being late, not returning ahead of time. And does not spend time on personal missions
  9. Students must not behave in a way that may humiliate them. And lose the reputation of himself and the university
  10. Students must behave in honesty. Do not speak false words to others.
  11. Students are required to dress modestly and strictly follow the dress code of each agency. For safety And honoring the workplace T-shirts are not allowed. Jeans draped over the pants or skirts, worn too short skirts. Dye your hair with flashy colors. And wear sandals
  12. Students are responsible for any damage arising from the student’s negligence. In this regard, compensation for damages shall be in accordance with such agency as it deems appropriate.
  13. Students are required to write a weekly internship report. By having the supervisor sign the certification every week And make a report to each advisor for 1 volume to the Department
  14. Students must be assessed for an internship from the student internship agency. When the internship is over (according to the university’s form), the student body should submit the assessment results. At the Office of Student Affairs
  15. Students are required to record their opinions on the company in the student information system. (New Acis)