Student Activities

Student activity refers to an activity in which an institution allows students to express their thoughts, beliefs, abilities, aptitudes in any area, such as service sports, arts, culture, ethics, academic, etc., such activities may be undertaken In the form of a club Activities authorized by the institution The institute has arranged to have an advisor to give advice and facilitate Or activities where students gather and organize activities with the permission of the institution. Participation in student activities is not graded or part of the score in any way.

Work goals
The mission of the Student Event is to encourage students to organize student activities in order to enhance their knowledge and experience in various fields to achieve this core mission. The goal of student events is to encourage students to join together in organizing activities that are sufficient to meet student needs and quality.

Learning Results Expected

  1. Students know and understand themselves, know their strengths, weaknesses and should develop their own interests.
  2. The systematic work skills are born. And quality habits
  3. Learn and understand leadership Both in leadership and following
  4. Understand and develop cooperation skills
  5. Understand and realize the sacrifice. Social responsibility Kindness

(Source: Office of Student Promotion and Development Office of the Permanent Secretary for Higher Education, Science, Materials and Innovation. 2020: 43-44)