Student activity

  1. University has announcement Do not organize activities to welcome new students and cheer meetings. Unless with permission from the university
  2. If there is any department or department that organizes an off-site welcome activity, it must be approved by the university on a case-by-case basis. And must have an activity advisor to travel with
  3. Agencies, organizers or authorized person in charge of the project You must notify the student or make a written letter requesting the student’s guardian permission.
  1. Projects must be submitted to the university in advance. And the project only needs to be approved to be able to operate.
  2. Have a project advisor And must have a teacher to accompany the students To supervise activities
According to the university announcement Do not organize activities for receiving children. Except for permitted activities Which is a creative activity Service activities or volunteer activities if there is a department or faculty organizing an admissions activity Not according to the announcement The university will consider suspending or canceling activities of that district or faculty.
Currently, student activities are organized at various levels at the faculties, departments, student organizations. Student clubs and societies The activities of each agency have different liability. Therefore, the making of books to parents will depend on the various departments held but The Student Affairs Office, as a central agency, endeavors for all organizations that organize outdoor activities. Send a letter asking for parental permission Through students who will participate in the activity

The university has an announcement On organizing activities to welcome newcomers Notify the dean Associate Dean of Students Head of Department Student Activities Adviser, Department Are acknowledged and acted in the same way As for the complaint about organizing student activities

Can be contacted at the student affairs office Phone no. 02-470-8101,02-470-8110 in official days

1. Coordinate with student activities advisor to discuss with students who organize the project to consider the safety of the younger generation. Or students whose homes are far from the university
2. There is supervision and facilitating the transfer of students to the dormitory by the university car.
3. During activities There is a security guard at the university to supervise the facilities 24 hours a day in the event of an accident.
4. or contact Tel. 02-470-8207 Security Center to coordinate staff for

Inquire at the Student Affairs Office Tel. 02-470-8101 02-470-8110

Activities on campus There is no compulsion to participate. There is only a minimum of 25 hours of activity per academic year. Therefore, a meeting to cheer and welcome new freshmen Not enforced either And has no effect on studying in the university

At present, the university has changed. By requiring students to participate in activities not less than 25 hours per academic year throughout the course of study. In order for students to learn how to fit into the student society Personality, emotional and mental development, learning to work with others. As for joining the club The Student Organization will organize a world opening event for student activities. To allow new students to get to know clubs within the university And choose to join club activities that students are interested in Get to know friends and brothers who share the same interests, talk to each other and learn to live together in society.

Need to find the reason for studying and then low grade Is it because of participation in or doing student activities or for other reasons such as studying in accordance with the content that the teacher did not leave school, did not review after graduation Or because of participating in student activities If this is the reason for participating in student activities It has to be seen that the university has required to participate in activities for at least 25 hours per academic year, compared to the amount of time students have studied throughout one academic year, it is very small. Students are allocated How to divide time between activities and study? If you can find the real cause Can be corrected properly Will not affect both learning and participation in student activities

Psychology and counseling services

  1. You can request a consultation by phone at 0-2470-8105.
  2. Page Facebook
  3. E-mail:

1. Call to make an appointment for a consultation date and time at 0-2470-8105.
2. Make an appointment in the Inbox of the Facebook page
3. Meet for advice at the Student Affairs Office. On official days and hours (Make an appointment in advance)

Accident / Health Insurance


When the Student Affairs Office Received the card from the insurance company. Will be sorted and sent to the department or faculty To distribute students The first round is around the beginning of September of each year.

Can be used with medical institutions that are contractual parties with insurance companies such as Bang Pakok 1 Hospital, Rat Burana Hospital, Prachaphat Hospital, Bangpakok 9 International Hospital, Nakhon Thon Hospital, Smitivej Thonburi Hospital, Prompt Hospital. Doctor Ratchaburi And there are also other hospitals, see more from

Actual medical expenses within the amount of 40,000 baht per accident per person and accident insurance fund in the event of death from an accident 400,000 baht per person

Can claim But the total medical expenses every time must not exceed the limit of 40,000 baht per accident.

Can come to withdraw The student affairs office will receive the documents and send them to the company to consider the amount that can be claimed first (Not paying students immediately)

All types of medical facilities Able to bring a receipt document to reimburse medical expenses such as community health clinics. Government hospital Private hospital Medical institution

1. Original receipt + expense summary
2. Original medical certificate
3. Copy of ID card Ready to certify the correct copy
4. Copy of bank passbook Ready to certify the correct copy
5. A copy of the vaccine book (In case of continuous vaccination such as dog / cat bite / scratch with knife)

If students were physically assaulted Without being a participant in the fight Can use the protection right In this regard, students are requested to report their daily record as evidence. And attach a copy of the daily memorandum of the medical expense reimbursement

Student accident coverage This does not include dental treatment, root canal treatment, unless the treatment occurred within 7 days of the accident date. (Does not cover prosthetics)

1. Inpatient Coverage (IPD) only
2. Room and food expenses up to 800 baht per day (30 days)
3. ICU room charge up to 1,600 baht per day (7 days)
Room, board and ICU fees up to 24,000 baht.
4. General medical expenses not exceeding 16,000 baht.
5. Surgery fees maximum 24,000 baht (pay according to the surgical doctor fee rate)
6.Special doctor consultation fee in hospital
6.1. Without surgery Total in general medical expenses 1,600 baht
6.2 When having surgery Included in surgical doctor fee 2,400 baht
7.Fees for medical care by a doctor, not more than 400 baht per day (30 days)
8. Ambulance fee / day / trip, maximum 2,000 baht

Health insurance covers only inpatient, therefore dental procedures cannot be reimbursed.

Thai students There will be only accident insurance. But the university provides an opportunity for Thai students who are interested. Can request health insurance With an expense of 1,800 baht per academic year (additional pay)

Students contact the Student Affairs Office Within official days and hours For students in Bang Khun Thian You can contact them at The HUB Bang Khun Thian and students in Ratchaburi. Can be contacted at the office in Ratchaburi as well.

1. Insurance that the university provides for all students is “Accident Insurance”
2. Insurance that is available for students to choose on a voluntary basis is “Health Insurance” where students have to pay their own insurance premium of 1,800 baht / academic year.

Contact the Office of Student Affairs. 190th Anniversary King Mongkut’s Memorial Building, 1st floor, Tel. 02-470-8110

In case of injury or accident, call 02-470-9090, internal number 9090 or 02-470-8207, internal number 8207, or notify security guards or staff in case of illness, use the service at the Health and Health Service (Nursing) Building. Total Class 2, 1st floor, Tel. 02-470-8446

Extra insurance Is health insurance Disbursement of inpatient treatment fee (IPD) only, students must pay an insurance premium of 1,800 baht per academic year. Buy on a voluntary basis By informing your wishes at the Student Affairs Office Tel. 02-470-8110

For 1st year students, coverage starts in July except for 1st year students in Ratchaburi, coverage starts June

Student discipline


Navy pants Put on the day of worship And other official days as specified by the university

Drug use in the university A serious offense. Use protection, deterrence and punishment.

Over the past 10 years, KMUTT students have no history of fighting from different institutions.