The university is concerned with the welfare of its students. Therefore, accident insurance has been provided to all students since the 1991 academic year onwards, which is considered as a welfare as a guarantee for the quality of life of students. Students will be covered from all accidents throughout the period of student status. At present, students will be covered by accident insurance, a sum of 300,000 baht and the actual medical expenses within the amount of 40,000 baht per accident per person. In case of injury from an accident, can be treated at public and private hospitals. Including general clinic Pay 500 baht per academic year accident insurance for health insurance. The university invites students who wish to have health insurance. Which provides inpatient protection Pay the health insurance premium for each academic year at 1,800 baht.


Miss Supunnee Suksunwachirakul
General Administrative Officer
Tel. 0-2470-8110