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KMUTT is all about academic excellence and energetic research culture in science, engineering and design. Of course, classroom learning is only a means, but certainly not the end and that is why we foster a life-long learning approach into our innovative curriculum and learning environment.




“Service for Development” (SERVICE FOR STUDENT DEVELOPMENT), the Student Affairs Office There is a mission philosophy of “To develop students into complete and professional individuals. Higher academic, intellectual, physical, social, emotional and mental, as well as virtue and life ethics. Be a graduate of quality and morality “according to the university’s philosophy.



To be a center of comprehensive student welfare and activities, International.



King Mongkut’s University of Technology Thonburi “It has a philosophy of producing quality and moral graduates, conducting research, development and providing academic services to promote economy and quality of life.”
Happen in the student body The university must provide a service And welfare in various fields As well as widely supporting the organization of student activities To provide both welfare services And student activities It is a student development process.
Along with classroom study, the Student Affairs Office was established to organize welfare services. And student activities The administration is organized into two groups: extracurricular activities group for student development. And the quality of life work group and participation

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