Activities for Developing Students’ Potential (Student activity by year)

Student development activities are organized to enhance students’ potential in various fields in order to fulfill desirable graduate attributes. As well as the development of all aspects of humanity. The participation of students according to preferences and interests without any points involved.
Goal of operation

    1. Encourage students to know and understand themselves. As well as the realization that Being a complete graduate should be developed all around. Both physical, mental, social, intellectual, personality, and developing into a more complete maturity

Provide students with experience in working as a group. Ability to express and exchange views Learn to understand and accept others. Develop leadership and practice systematic work Practice thinking and making rational decisions.

  • Allowing students to adapt to the various teaching and learning environments in the institution may also be a means of relieving the stress of their studies.
  • Give students a good personality Have good behavior They are Thai and proud of their national identity. Appreciating Thai culture As well as behave as a beneficial person Desires of Society


Learning Results

  1. Students can adapt and manage themselves during their transition to university students.
  2. Students see the career path they study. And self-development plans to create career opportunities in the future
  3. Students have entrepreneurial skills and can create their own jobs in the future.
  4. Students have personalities and leadership that can be applied to their work.
  5. Students have sufficient job searching skills. And have confidence in finding work After graduation

(Source: Office of Student Promotion and Development Office of the Permanent Secretary for Higher Education, Science, Materials and Innovation. 2020: 48-49)