It is a mentoring to university students in both social and personal learning. School problems Changing field of study or faculty Choosing to study at the graduate level, etc. For social and personal problems such as friendship with friends. With a financial advisor / teacher Love
Stress or various mental health problems There are service types as follows

  1. Individual Counseling
    Students and interested parties can seek direct consultation from a counseling psychologist. By calling for an appointment in advance at 0-2470-8105
  2. Group Counseling
    Students can get group counseling on matters such as personality development. Preparation before applying for a job, etc.
  3. Hot Line
    Students and interested people with urgent or inconvenient issues may request a consultation at the center, and can request a consultation by phone at Hot Line 0-2470-8105.
  4. E-mail and Facebook consultation
    For convenience in requesting services in non-serious cases, students and interested parties can send questions or share their stories at e-mail: and
  5. Counseling by a psychiatrist
    Students or interested people who wish to seek consultation from a psychiatrist who are stationed at the nurse’s event every Friday from 1:00 PM – 4:30 PM. Center to schedule an advance And the center will coordinate the appointment with the psychiatrist of the nursing work at that time.
Relaxation Room

Relaxation Room is a room for listening to music. Called music therapy (Music therapy) or practice doing Relaxation in different ways. To relieve stress And relax the mind There are many benefits of Relaxation such as stress relief of the mind, insomnia problem solving. Correct various inappropriate behaviors Building positive emotions and self-control As well as developing memory skills and enhancing concentration The duration takes approximately 20-30 minutes. Interested persons must reserve the room for relaxation activities with a psychologist at 0-2470-8105.