Service for external organizations

  1. In-house Recruitment Provide venue services, meeting rooms, interview rooms for public relations, recruiting employees Written exam Interview
    This allows students to save travel time while increasing opportunities for those seeking graduates to meet with more students.
  2. Career Fairs Organizing a career fair From entrepreneurs and organizations
  3. Networking Event As a medium or collective Organize activities to introduce establishments to publicize the organization Or job position Create awareness among students
  4. KMUTT Job Online Online application system Job posting
  5. Digital Handshake Connections Creating cooperation between the university and entrepreneurs Personnel recruitment by subject, GPA, student data As required
  6. Pre Career Training Program Organizing specialized courses For recruiting personnel or training workshops
  7. Internships Internship student recruitment service
  8. Career Development Workshop Training service, job interview, resume writing
  9. Early Recruitment Services to coordinate with the Financial Aid Group for students For companies that wish to fund students on conditional work after graduation