New course for students interested in finance and investment

A new course for students interested in finance and investment. Opening additional free elective courses for undergraduate students in semester 2/2022 by Dr. Winai Homsombat from the Graduate School of Management and Innovation (GMI) Total 3 subjects BUS61801 Personal Financial Planning: Better Plan for a […]

KMUTT EMS Volunteer

“After receiving the call informing about an injured student at the gym, a group of KMUTT Emergency Medical Services Volunteers standing nearby immediately ran with medical equipment to the incident area. They found the injured student lying on the ground. His right leg was found […]

Ceremonies for Drama Teachers

Ceremonies for Drama Teachers Organized by students of the Khon Drama Club Held on January 19, 2020 as Wai Kru in the dance It is the preservation of Thai culture. Good traditions in respect of manners, respect and play a part to convince the human […]

The 44th Thai Higher Education Music Fair

Student of Thai Music and Dance Club Participated in the 44th Thai Music for Higher Education at “Duriya Kritiyathorn 75 Years Silpakorn Chalermwat” during 26-28 October 2019 at Sanam Chan Palace. To support, promote, disseminate and conserve Thai music among students and the public. To […]

The Wai Khru ceremony in Thai classical music

The Wai Khru ceremony in Thai classical music Organized by students of Thai Music and Dance Club on September 1, 2019, it is an important ritual. And it is a Thai tradition that has been practiced since ancient times, showing the recognition of the merit […]

The 22nd BinLan Ceremony

The 22nd Bin Lan Celebration Fair was organized by students from the Silpawattana Thamathaksin Club on 25 August 2019 to welcome new students. Those from the South and other regions meet and talk, there are performances of southern folk arts such as Manora Kaliitipas dances. […]

Palang Bang Mod

Bangmod Palang Fair Organized by students of Isan Art Wattanatham Club Held on March 31, 2019, organized to provide students with the opportunity to learn art, culture and way of life of Isan people. There is a show of Pong Lang, Bangmod. The show to […]

Loy Krathong Festival, Academic Year 2019

Loy Krathong Festival for the academic year 2019, organized by the Student Organization on November 11, 2019, there is a Miss Noppamas contest of various departments, music show, Loi Krathong by administrators and students In order to maintain the good traditions of Thai culture