King Mongkut’s University of Technology Thonburi Regulations on Student Discipline 2003

Discipline Student
  1. Students must strictly comply with the rules, regulations, announcements and orders of the University, faculty, offices and other entities within the university.
  2. Students must comply with the requirements of morality, ethics, professional ethics, not academic corruption. Strictly not seeking unrighteous benefits for academic purposes Any person who violates the student’s discipline.
  3. Students must dress politely according to the regulations. And regulations set by the university
  4. Students must be polite. Must obey and obey orders Or admonition advice from teachers and staff of the university who perform their duties in favor.
  5. Students must show their student ID card immediately. When the university staff teacher asks to check When there is a reasonable cause
  6. Students must show their student ID card immediately. When the university staff teacher asks to check When there is a reasonable cause
  7. Students must abide by morality. The good culture of Thai society does not apply inappropriate traditions or methods. Either inside or outside the university
  8. Students must behave politely. Have good conduct Uphold one’s dignity and dignity The university’s honor and benefits
  9. Students must not write or type text. Or publishing publications, drawings in any media for publication causing damage to others
  10. Students must be honest. Do not make false or false reports, counterfeit documents, or falsify other people’s signatures.
  11. Students must not smoke while conducting instruction. Exam or in non-smoking areas as required by law And or the university designated in the university area
  12. Students must not play or be involved. Or support all kinds of gambling
  13. The student must not be a leader of any alcohol or intoxication. Into the university area And must not consume any alcohol or intoxication Until causing the detriment of oneself and the university
  14. Students must not take drugs. Or possessing addictive substances
  15. Students must not bring illegal things into the university area. Or possession of illegal possessions
  16. Students must maintain order. Not a instigator And causing unrest in the university or not fighting between the students of the university With international students Or someone else
  17. Students must not act as insolvent. Until damage to others Or university
  18. Students must not commit offenses under the Criminal Code. Or committing any fraud Which degraded the university
Doing the following is a serious offense for student discipline.
  1. Intentional or intentional damage to property, university or others.
  2. Committing dishonesty, theft, fraud, embezzlement or any other act Which causes serious damage or deterioration to the university
  3. Fight Causing someone to be seriously harmed Or death Or is a cause of damage to the reputation of the university
  4. False report, false report, forgery of documents Or forging someone else’s signature
  5. Be the operator, the user, the supporter to cause chaos in the university. Or causing a divide between students
  6. Do anything inside and outside the university
    1. Gambling, sponsor, or be involved in gambling
    2. Carry weapons, explosives
    3. Taking drugs or substances
    4. Drunk and rampage
    5. Illegal possession
  7. Committing a criminal offense until receiving a sentence of imprisonment Or punishments that are heavier than imprisonment With a final judgment to imprisonment regardless of whether the punishment is pending or pending. Unless it is a punishment made by negligence Or petty offenses
  8. Doing any act known to be gross evildoer
  9. Guilty And or punish the students themselves